False Reality - Melodic Death Metal from Transylvania

The Silence Within

Lost in my way to you, red moon is rising,
Darkness now turns into shadows around me...
Faceless and pale they stand in oblivious silence,
Nightmares now turning red, motionless violence...

Mistress of the scarlet night, dead in the sky,
So perfect, so pure, yet so blind, floating up high,
Calling my soul and my heart, one silent prayer,
I'm reaching in vain, you're too far, in silent despair,
Falling, time after time, fading away...

Bury me deep in your tainted arms,
The sky will not weep, nor will the stars,
Forgotten by all, tomb without name,
Lost in my way, red moon - now my grave...

Faceless, broken, nameless, shattered,
Forever lost...