False Reality - Melodic Death Metal from Transylvania

End of Eternity

Stardust scattered, winds howl shattered,
Ashes rising, thunders blazing,
Two hands gripping, two souls whispering,
One filled with light, one stained of dark.

"Come with me, shed your fear,
Touch my light, come near,
Be my night, shining bright,
Be my soul, blackened.
Take my heart, my silence,
Strip away darkness..."

Forever is all we have,
The stars share our destiny,
I'll follow you in your path,
Together eternally...

Dark wings grow high,
Black dreams scream nigh,
Through time reversed
I fly in angst...
Eons pass by
As stars undie,
I reach the place
Of nothingness...

"Take your stars, in vain you try
Your light is the biggest lie,
Darkness is the god of old,
Born in it, I must unfold,
Leave your way, come back with me,
Abandon your agony"

Forever is not enough,
The stars fade out peacefully,
I'll follow you down this path
To the end of eternity...