False Reality - Melodic Death Metal from Transylvania

Chapter III - The present

With this new beginning, the members of False Reality chose to perform in phew live gigs and devoted the time at their disposal to rehearsals, composing and to the development of the musical relations between them. Therefore, they only performed in phew live shows, in BraÈ™ov, RâÅŸnov, BucureÈ™ti, PloieÈ™ti and Turnu Măgurele. Having a stable place for rehearsals (thank you Cocu Marian and Fritz), new songs came into existance: Requiem into Darkness, The Silence Within, Rih al Khamsin, Dear Friend, End of Eternity.

On the 30th of August 2013, False Reality was part of the biggest event so far in the band's history, the first edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest, held in RâÈ™nov, Romania, where they shared the stage with bands like Gojira, Napalm Death, Carach Angren and many more.

Also, on the 5th of June, False Reality was the opening act for Arkona's concert in the Rockstadt Club from Brașov.

The autumn of 2014 was a prolific period for the band. The exciting news is that False Reality started recording for the first full length album in its history, material that is due during 2015. Also, the band joined Kistvaen's promotional tour of their album "Desolate Ways" with concerts in Ploiești, Bacău, Suceava and Brașov, also with Hteththemeth and Tanin. On the 31st of May 2015, the band has its first show in Timișoara, playing at Revolution Fest.

2015 also sees the beginning of the collaboration between False Reality and Anglo Saxon Booking Agency, an unique and interesting project of a British man that chose Romania to be his home, mister Graham Robinson.

The Transylvanian label LOUD RAGE MUSIC contacted False Realtiy in spring 2016, and the fruits of the talks would bear in autumn 2016, when False Reality's first full length album - "End of Eternity,"will be released by LOUD RAGE MUSIC.

In August 2016, Radu decided to leave the band, this being the first componence change in the new era. His place was taken by Marc Spedalska, who became the third bass player in the band's history.

The 26th of October 2016 will remain in False Reality's history as an importat stepping stone: the official release of the first LP - "End of Eternity", via Loud Rage Music, with almost 18 years passed from the first rehearsals. Of course, this will be followed by a series of live shows to promote the material throughout Romania, starting in January 2017.

After only the first two concerts promoting the new album in Târgu-MureÈ™ and Cluj-Napoca, Marc Spedalska left False Reality, due to his new position as a resident neurologist medic in Cluj-Napoca that will keep him away from BraÈ™ov. His replacement is Radu "Snuff" Constantinescu, who actually took part of those two first concerts as well, playing three songs not featured on the album: "Confused Sunset", "Escape from Doom" and "Andromeda - Journey to the Stars".

More concerts to promote "End of Eternity" followed in March 2017, in BucureÈ™ti, Buzău, TârgoviÈ™te and ConstanÈ›a, those being the last with Vlad, who went to live and work abroad starting with April 2017. His replacement is Judit Toth, a classical trained piano player and also a music teacher, who made her first live appearance with False Reality in June 2017.

In spring 2018 False Reality welcomed back its first bass player, founding member Cătălin Bota, who rejoined the band after Radu's decision to leave False Reality, in order to follow other musical projects. The changes didn't stop here. Since time became an issue for some of the band's members, the activity slowed down to a phew rehearsals, and even those not with the complete line-up. Therefore, in autumn 2019, Codruț Costea decided to leave the band, due to the severe lack of free time, being involved in other musical and artistic projects, having a couple of jobs and trying to maitain a healthy family file. His replacement is Alexandru Stănică.

The Covid-19 pandemic thwarted the band's plans, but they still managed to get back on stage, during 2021, at Flex Fest in the city of Arad. Furthermore, in 2022, they presented to the audience gathered in the Rockstadt club (Brașov) their first composition since "End of Eternity", titled "The Memory of Time".


We would like to thank all those who have been with us along the way. We couldn't have made it without you, guys:


- Marius Moga - R.I.P. - guitar
- Cristian Tîrsan (Primaru) - drums
- Adrian Irimie - drums, keyboards
- Alexandru Iuga - guitar
- Alex Berekmeri (Åžubi) - drums
- George BratoÅŸin (Shitgrinder) - drums
- Adina Răducanu - keyboards
- Mihai PuÅŸcaÅŸu (Herod) - drums
- Radu Grosu – bass
- Marc Spedalska – bass
- Vlad Amariei – keyboards
- Radu Constantinescu (Snuff) – bass
- CodruÈ› Costea - drums


- Mihai Ceahoreanu (Nakros Black) - vocals - Virgin's Curse
- Tică - vocals - Dear Friend
- Mihaela Bănuţă - lyrics - Virgin's Curse
- Andra Radu - lyrics - Escape from Doom