False Reality - Melodic Death Metal from Transylvania

Chapter I - The Beginning

False Reality begun its journey in december 1998. Silviu Stan - guitars, Marius Moga (R.I.P.) - guitars, Cătălin Bota - bass and Adrian Irimie - drums (all aged 16-17) were at the time members of a hard-rock band called ART, which was formed and activated at the Music Workshop of the Pupils' Club in Braşov (many thanks to professor Pancea Ioan).

Influenced by the music of Dream Theater, Samael, Crematory, Anathema, Lake of Tears, Theatre of Tragedy, Therion, Cradle of Filth and many others, the four young musicians chose Ioan Alexandru Crișan as a vocalist and begun rehearsing under the name False Reality, which they chose from a list of possible band names. At first, their genre choice was gothic-melodic death metal, but gradually things started moving more towards the melodic death metal area.

The first change in line-up occurred in a relatively short time, Adrian leaving his spot behind the drums and becoming the new keyboards player of the band, while Cristian Tîrsan was welcomed as the new drums player. Of course, the first songs were composed and the band had its first gigs in BraÈ™ov and Sfântu Gheorghe with a three songs playlist: The Sentence, Escape from Doom and Confused Sunset. The summer of 1999 brought the first appearance at a big event, the rock festival SAMUS ROCK ALIVE from Satu Mare. Also, the first demo was recorded, containing just one track - Escape from Doom.

Due to the new more aggressive trend, which was not to his liking, Adrian leaves the keyboardist position in the band in the autumn of 1999, being replaced with Lucian Popa, a friend and colleague of the other band members at the Pupils' Club in Brașov.

Following this change, the band had a period of both gigs and composing, while also recording five songs: Confused Sunset, Escape from Doom, The Sentence, Virgin's Curse and Under Waters, the composing activity being shared between Cristian, Marius and Silviu.

In the autumn of 2000, after personal issues and health problems, Marius also leaves False Reality. His replacement was Alexandru Iuga, but only for a short period of time, False Reality becoming a one guitar band in the spring of 2001.

Up to that moment, the band accumulated a number of gigs, radio and even TV appearances. Still, due to a lack of a permanent place for rehearsals, only three more songs came to life: Andromeda - Journey to the Stars, Bewitched and The Lost Place, Cristian and Silviu being in charge of most of the composing, while Lucian wrote the lyrics.

In 2001 False Reality signed the first contract with a label, Sidekick Records from Norway, who took the five previous recorded songs and released the band's first EP - "Tales of Eternity" only online, on the www.mp3.com website. Sadly, the label's existence came to an end shortly after, and of course, so did the collaboration with False Reality.

During 2002 the first major lineup problem appeared. Cristian decided to leave the band, in order to follow other musical directions. That came as a big blow to False Reality, because Cristian was the engine behind the band at the time, being responsible with the majority of the management activities (promoting, gigs, web site, contracts etc.) and also one of the main composers.

False Reality tried to replace Cristian with pre-recorded drums, and even had a gig in this format, during which the first and only live cover in the history of the bad was performed (Death in Fire - Amon Amarth). The experience of that gig revealed that it wasn't the right path for the band, and since other members were having some difficulties in their personal life at the time, they decided to enter a period of hiatus.